Drink Menu

There isn’t a better place to be than right here! Enjoy our spacious waterfront setting where the atmosphere is like a trip in a time machine to the way Key West used to be. So relax, take in the view of the boats and the water, and let us prepare you one of our delicious refreshing “House Specialty Libations!”

Draft Beers

Bud Light ▪ Miller Lite ▪ Yuengling ▪ Sam Adams ▪ Blue Moon ▪ Sierra Nevada ▪ Red Hook Long Hammer IPA ▪ Key West Sunset Ale ▪ Stella Artois ▪ Guinness ▪ Magic Hat #9

Bottle Beers

Bud ▪ Bud Light ▪ Bud Light Lime ▪ Miller Lite ▪ Coors Light ▪  Michelob Ultra ▪ O’Douls ▪ Rolling Rock ▪ Southern Tier IPA ▪ Magic Hat Circus Bay Hefeweizen ▪ Heineken ▪ Heineken Light ▪ Dos Equis Lager ▪ Palm Belgian Ale ▪ Amstel Light ▪
Landshark ▪ Corona ▪ Corona Light ▪ Red Stripe ▪ Mike’s Hard Lemonade ▪ Kalik ▪ Strongbow Cider

 Proudly Serving Coca-Cola Products